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Unforgettable is a word to describe what takes place when you get to experience a powerful conference or retreat. I’d love to be able to challenge and encourage individuals in a relevant way that gets them to this point. Being a founder of a young adults conference myself, I can’t stress enough how much I understand the need for topnotch content and communicators to be a piece of a conference because it can make it or break it. I’d love to partner with you and your team to see how we can best serve your people. It could be through a spoken word at one or all of the sessions that creatively grab the listeners attention and get them thinking. It could be through preaching at one or more sessions on whatever the topic that you have been thinking through. It could be through a breakout session doing leadership development on a focused topic chosen. However it may be, let’s partner together to allow your targeted audience to walk away with an experience that they will never forget.

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