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The Name of: Yahweh
The Name Of: El Shaddai
The Name of: Alpha & Omega
The Name of: El Roi
But God


Are you looking for someone to preach? I’ve gotten the opportunity to preach to all ages, young and old. In our day and age, this idea of lukewarm Christianity seems to be consistent a theme. The Lord uses this analogy in the book of Revelation and the results of those who have this description were not good. Whether you’ve tried preaching new series, having church picnics, or bringing in the pastor from down the street…I believe that I can engage people in such a way to help call people to action. The habits and routines that each of us fall into periodically allows us to become complacent and checked out, but I’m called to capture peoples attention to get them to the edge of their seats, be encouraged and challenged, too live out their God given purpose with passion. I have a hunger to share the truth of scripture which moves people to action, transforms lives, and allows the Lord to do what only He can do.

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