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Communicator, Encourager, Leader, Advocate, Pastor

Using words to advance the Kingdom in the name of Jesus through spoken word, preaching and leadership development. God has gifted me with a passion to use words to encourage you, your church, your team, your school, your business, or your community.


It all started for me in the small town where I was born and have lived most of my life, Albert Lea Minnesota. With a town no bigger than 17,000, it felt like I grew up in a Hallmark movie. I knew people on every corner, drama wasn’t far away and there were many happy endings. I married my high school sweetheart. I even worked a majority of my professional career at the church I grew up in. We bought a house and started growing our family within miles of where we grew up and the people that raised us. What a blessing it has been being so close to family. 

I’m passionate about people. I love people and I love seeing people win. I’ve found from my experiences, work, and adventures that I want to use the power that words have in a way to encourage, bring life, better those listening, all to advance the Kingdom in the name of Jesus.


Josiah Kennealy l Co-Founder, youngadultstoday

"I’m honored to recommend the ministry of Preston Smith! He has a way with words! When you pair his heart to serve with his creative voice it will resonate deeply. Whether it’s spoken word, a message for your church or ministry, or leadership development - Preston will leave a lasting impact!"

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